Photographs from Brooklyn Music Hall Show w/Michael Ian Black







  1. Nice adidas!

  2. Oh and mike black looks healthy..

  3. Healthy? Does that mean fat?

    If that’s the case, then Michael you are looking very unhealthy. I like the way the black outfit highlights the kicks, but it sort of reminds me of creepy Vincent from PR.

  4. Sho, I cannot tell you how absolutely hot you look in those photos. Dear Lord.

    Father, forgive me. It’s been one week since my last confession…. oops. Nevermind.

  5. Great photographer for sure.

  6. Red shoelaces means you’re a skinhead yet you have a full head of hair. A man of contradictions.

  7. i particularly like the photos of you clutching a rumpled pile of papers. and i’m pretty sure i saw that first one in the dictionary under the word “nonchalant”.

  8. Love them!

  9. These pictures give me urges in my loins that I’d rather not discuss.

  10. Two Michaels and a Mac! Be still, my beating heart! *swoon*

  11. You look handsome in black. Not the man, you two aren’t gay, for crap sakes, I mean the color Michael. The color.

    Please wear it always and become known as the “Johnny Cash of Comedy”. I’m serious. Black is your color. You must be a “Winter”. I’ll do your colors for you sometime. It’ll be fun!

    And speaking of your friend, his chiseled jawline is casting a most impressive shadow.

    That is all.

  12. Your hair looks good like that

  13. “He was kind of drunk and not so polite”

    ha! way to go, sho.

  14. When I’ve met you’ve been both sober(ish?) and polite. Now I’m curious. Drink up next Chicago show, sailor.

  15. I don’t drink so I don’t think I’d been drunk. Unpolite – it’s a definite possibility.

  16. It’s all about the shoes…

    And might I add that the top uppermost photograph is at the haute of hotness.

    xxx hot diggity dog!!

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