Transcript of Washington Post Online Chat with Me and MIB

Click me to read the transcript of the online chat Michael and I did with the Washington Post.


  1. “Michael Showalter: last night I made a proscuitto on toasted bagette with feta/provolone/pesto. was deliiiccccious!”

    That sounds tasty and then some.

    I’m sorry, that’s all I took from this transcript. I’m just really hungry right now. But when I read it in real time, it was delightful (I’d just eaten, so I wasn’t quite so starving.)

  2. Regarding the question on a normal day in your life: Can I borrow your shoes? I’d like to walk a mile in them.

  3. I wantd to say before they cut the interview off that I didn’t even realize you had a gap,so…no one(namely me,I guess)notices.

    It was a fun time,thanks!

  4. That was more than just a fun time, my pal Cam. It should have been illegal!

    You guys were ON!

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