My Recent Onion Interview


Click here to read my recent AV CLUB INTERVIEW


  1. Hands down, that’s the most insightful interview you have ever done. I love it I love it I love it!

  2. That was a great interview! One of your best, and longest, which I liked.

    By the by, I always like your shirts. You always wear neat shirts. I’ve never mentioned this in my online dealings with you, but I felt you should know. Well done, shirt-wise.

  3. really really great interview. what’s with all the crazy comments though? don’t listen to the naysayers michael, they’re just jealous. have they ever written, directed, and starred in their own movie? no. had a tv show? no. had random strangers pay good money to see them play songs on their laptop? no.

    also, you could probably beat them up.

  4. Does “local” mean a NYC garlic bulb? Looks a little jaded to me.

  5. Oh my, I just LOVED this interview!

  6. The commentors on the onion Avclub are the most snarky pretentious group of people Ive ever encountered. Theyre a bizarre contrast to the Av club writers who are about as low key and sane as you get.

  7. Everything *they* said, hours before me.

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