Interview in Village Voice

They railroaded me into talking politics. DAMN! Click me to read

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  1. words as weapons

    Can I just walk you through my day? It’s been an emotional rollercoaster.

    1)Google Reader tells me you posted four new blogs – extreme excitement!
    2)Oh my God, you did not just say that about Mike Huckabee – crushing disappointment.
    3)After a brilliant interview, read the Onion commenters debating if you’re really a dick or not and going into the finer points of Cricket – vaguely suicidal.

  2. Question: is “diamond and ruby encrusted” your new favorite descriptive phrase?

    One of these days, perhaps in a blog or perhaps if I ever magically run into you on the street and you for some reason feel like talking politics, I would like to hear your definition of Conservative Democrat.

  3. sharper than knives

    The more I think about it, the more I can’t understand the Mike Huckabee thing. It’s like going through the stages of grief. First denial, now anger…

    Can you expound on what you like about Mike Huckabee? Maybe it’s his pardoning of serial rapists? His views on Homosexuality (sinful, public health risk)? The man is a fundamentalist lunatic. Maybe I’m grieving the loss of your perceived intelligence.

  4. [pssst. other sho fans? the mike huckabee thing was a joke. read it again.]

  5. Shit. You’re right. I totally missed the jest. Comments retracted.

    I recently moved to a blue state, maybe I’m missing the chance to fight with Republicans?

  6. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about making fun of Restless Leg Syndrome. Ever!

  7. pssst again. sho? congrats on the ecny award for tearing the veil of maya! can’t wait til you bring the show to the mfa in boston, i’ve already got tickets!

  8. So the support for old Huckabee is a joke? I need to read this again. This time with my good eye.

  9. Hello. I am sort of a dick. But my ratings kind of suck so I had to sort of stir the pot tonight. “The Situation Room” is crappy and I know I’m feeling the pinch from the CNN executives. I would like you to be my news correspondent because you are a happy boy. Bring cats and a deli tray. Thanks.

  10. “VV: Do you go out and see comedy a lot in the city?
    MS: No. I’m not that into it. I don’t know. I like to go see more serious things like documentaries and horror movies.”

    pretty awesome.

    I love that this interviewer asks about ‘Doug’ making a comeback.

    this is to ‘sharper than knives’ above. Sometimes ‘Huckabee’ is just a fun word to say. Now, this is how much of middle america chooses to vote, and why not? If you’re going to be bitching about someone for the next 4 years, why not have it be someone with a silly name.
    (Mitt Romney for the tie).

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