This is Me as a Character from Lord of the Rings



  1. good job michael. have a great friday.

  2. Very sexy Michael. “Where’s my precious?”

  3. You are a funny, funny character.
    Great show tonight in Austin, TX! (:
    It was completely worth the cold.

  4. You look like a bully in this pic. You are so not a bully.

  5. oh,and I really appreciate you blogging again on your site.

  6. Who knew you were blogging over here?
    I’m sorry for all your mishaps, stress, and misfortunes but it really did make for a good read. You’re much easier to understand then, say, Shakespeare. PLUS, your teeny tiny eye in your large face reminds me of a grizzly bear.

  7. I will meet you in The Shire.

  8. I’m really stoked for you and your discovery of all the fun things you can do on your Mac. However, if you keep insisting on artwork that will haunt my nightmares, I’m going to have to give up sleeping. Thanks a lot.

  9. Chris Moyles, (BBC Radio 1 Breakfast DJ)is that you?

  10. You were that orc who was almost smashed by a giant, catapulted rock in the third movie, right?

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