This is a Picture of Me as a Young Democrat

Hi, my name is Michael Showalter and I am a young democrat. I am currently in my 2nd year of law school at The University of Chicago. I am voting for Chris Dodd. When I’m not working on the Dodd campaign I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee with my old college buddies from Weslyan, eating pad thai, jogging, watching PBS, smoking hashish, listening to old jazz LPs, talking about philosophy, and walking with my hands in my pockets.



  1. Dear Michael,
    I am heading the “Chris Dodd for President ” campaign. I just wanted to say thanks for your support & I’m sure Mr. Dodd dosn’t need more than 2 supporters in order to receive the democratic nomination. Keep on smoking that hash & supporting “our boy”!

  2. You look like a bully werewolf.

  3. HA! That pic is great! Your entire face reminds me of a fried egg.
    The important part of your face is the egg yolk. All the rest – the white stuff. But then, ruining (Yet? Enhancing!) my delusion there’s that troubling Mr. Spock eyebrow…

  4. What we need here is more frisbee, less beard.

  5. …Rocky Dennis? Is that you?

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