Speed Reading

I just heard a radio ad for a speed reading program. The woman who invented the speed reading system says in the ad, “You’ll read ten times faster than you do now and the amazing thing is that you’ll comprehend everything you read.” So wait a minute? You’re telling me that not only will I read faster but I’ll understand what I’m reading too? That sounds too good to be true. Most speed reading programs help you read faster but you won’t understand a word of print. This new program which both teaches how to read fast AND understand the words you’re reading as you read them so quickly sounds AMAZING.


  1. Millard "Witt" Romney

    I need that course. I read that entry extremely fast, but have no idea what you are talking about.
    Then I read it again, so I could understand it, but it took me five hours.

  2. I wish radio had a TiVo-like device where you could skip commercials.

  3. sir, alls fair in love and war, except for politics…

  4. And the best part is it’s called “IQ”.
    “It’s what every child and adult needs, “IQ”.
    No fucking shit. I laughed at these ads too.


  5. I was taught to speed read at grammar school. It’s a skill you can never unlearn, unfortunately, and makes reading for fun totally sucky.

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