Jan 08

Interview in Village Voice

They railroaded me into talking politics. DAMN! Click me to read

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Jan 08

My Recent Onion Interview


Click here to read my recent AV CLUB INTERVIEW

Jan 08

Transcript of Washington Post Online Chat with Me and MIB

Click me to read the transcript of the online chat Michael and I did with the Washington Post.

Jan 08

The Candidates & Their Stances

This is Hillary Clinton’s stance on health care.

Jan 08

A Laundry List of How Many Things Have Gone Wrong So Far on This Particular Tour with Michael Black

1. I left my wallet in the cab on the way to Laguardia Airport.


My wallet had my ID and my credit card in it without which I wouldn’t have been able to get my ticket and get on the plane. I was able to call the car service and the cab driver did come back to the airport and amazingly my wallet was in the cab. I did however have to pay him an additional $30 for making him return to the airport. In summary: lost wallet, stressed out, had to pay cab driver twice.

2. At security checkpoint in Laguardia Airport they confiscated a small tube of medicated hand lotion that I use for my dry hands.

Ds-p-body lotion.jpg

The medicated hand lotion probably cost $8. In addition, I had to deal with the stress of having them rummage through my stuff. In summary: Had $8 medicated hand lotion confiscated; got stressed out.

3. We had a flight change in Charlotte, NC en route to Dallas. I went outside to smoke a cigarette which meant having to check back in through security. I left my carry-on luggage at the check point.


I got to my gate and they told me that I should run and get it. I ran all over the airport and couldn’t find the check point. I got really sweaty and stressed out. Never found the check point. Had to fly to Dallas without my luggage.

4. Drove from Dallas to Austin. When we got to Austin I borrowed the car so that I could buy clean clothes for the rest of my trip plus a new laptop battery charger for my computer. I got lost.


It took me 4 hours to buy: 1 battery charger; 3 pairs of socks; 3 pairs of underwear; one pair pants; toiletries.

5. Lost my check from Austin show had to have the club cancel check and issue new one which will be sent to me by mail.


6. Arrived Oakland airport. Rented car. Got lost driving to hotel in San Francisco.


7. Left toothpaste in Austin. Had to buy toothpaste again.


Jan 08

This is Me as a Character from Lord of the Rings


Jan 08

This is a Picture of Me as a Young Democrat

Hi, my name is Michael Showalter and I am a young democrat. I am currently in my 2nd year of law school at The University of Chicago. I am voting for Chris Dodd. When I’m not working on the Dodd campaign I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee with my old college buddies from Weslyan, eating pad thai, jogging, watching PBS, smoking hashish, listening to old jazz LPs, talking about philosophy, and walking with my hands in my pockets.