View of Manhattan from Brooklyn (color)



  1. I like your manhattan more than the real one. They may as well re-name it starbucks/disney island.

  2. I really like this one!

  3. When I went to Manhattan just the other week for my first time I didn’t see any waves like that. Who ever is in charge of making waves *God* should make them just like your drawing. lol. I also like the lack of taxis. I mean taxis are cool and all but somehow Manhattan without the taxis looks more peaceful. But yeah I do love Manhattan.

  4. Hello, new desktop background.

  5. This is such a lovely, lovely picture. I wish you’d been God, then the world would be much nicer. Not that I really believe God made it, but if you were God, I’d actually want to believe you’d made it, if it looked as gorgeous as your pictures portray it.

  6. Where are the wordy blogs? Sorry, but they’re way more entertaining than looking at your doodles.

  7. It’s as if a bag of Skittles attacked Manhattan…and strategically melted.

  8. Sir.Show, you have talent!
    -Rock on!

  9. its like something i saw on salvia

  10. utterly endearing.
    it reminds me of the childhood books made by richard scary minus the odd little bugs he had riding in small cars…
    it makes me smile and for that, thank you.

  11. This piece has a subtle “Fuck you Manhattan, I am too hip to subscribe to your lesser hip-ness”

  12. This looks great! Like someone else said, I wish this is what it really looked like.

  13. So, First of all I love the drawings, as an art student, I am jealous of your mad skills.

    Secondly, Stella is on the TV right now for The Ten. I may or may not have started screaming like a giddy school girl when I saw that it was on.

    So excited for Bumbershoot!

  14. Make a wish!

  15. I pretty much love you a lot, michael showalter.

  16. Therese, thanks for that qualification. Now Stella can continue their “Man with a Long White Beard” sketch.

  17. man, fill us in on your life showalter

  18. Can we get an update one of these days man?!

  19. Showalter! i’ve been checking your site, and collegehumor daily in hopes of finding a new showlater showalter. It seem as though you are over a week late and i’m starting to get worried! please hurry i need someting new to laugh hystericaly at.

  20. Really good. Incidentally, I have been reading about the creation of the Brooklyn Bridge in the library lately. I don’t really remember many details, though…I know the original builder’s foot got crushed and he died.

  21. July Showie? July? You gotta update this thing!

  22. This is a very nice drawing, I wish manhattan was more like that, and you are a lovely person who should update his blog more often

  23. Yeah, I really love this. Your view from Brooklyn is a lot better than mine…

    also, here’s an article about you from impose magazine if you want to see it.

  24. please keep posting michael

    i very much enjoy seeing what you have to say and anything at all you have to post really

    my boyfriend and i watched wet hot american summer the other night, cause we havent seen it in forever.. such an effin amazing movie.

    come back!


  26. are you alive?

  27. roflmao cos the streets of manhattan rise as high as the buildings…anyway you know what sho? I HATE YOU. WHY? COS YOU HATE AUSTRALIA. get your ass down here now or ill hate you even more. why do all the cool people hate australia. or is it just cos australias gay? im gonna fuckin show all you american bastards one day, just how cool aussies can be.

  28. Do you think someday if all three of you get some time you could do a new stella skit? Just some time, maybe?

  29. I love these, even if you don’t have a chance to write, please keep posting your doodles.

  30. i love this!!

  31. I just wanted to say thanks for providing me with so much entertainment over the years.
    In response to your drawing, the waves are a little reminiscent of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” – Katsushika Hokusai, & yes sir I like it.

  32. Mike, I think we all agree we want you to blog again!

  33. Yey, you got a blog. Thats great! Keep it real, Showalter.

  34. Please more showalter showalter! I love love love it!!!!

  35. are you joking? awesome. drawing.

  36. this looks like a nice, friendly, cozy version of new york :D, which is very favorable : ). i remember visiting a friend in new york and feeling kind of disconnected, only because i was walking solo probably around tall buildings, and then around some area near the water while everyone was probably working or engaged in a worthwhile activity, and a man who was jogging, stopped at a light, didn’t even look to acknowledge my presence. not that i am trying to complain, but then the other memory was feeling like i was going to be squashed in times square by all the crowds of people and stores and the lit billboards.

  37. it might have been a good idea for me to bring a book or a bunch of books/computer with web access and immerse myself in various reading until i got sick of reading. i find that when i do this sometimes, it seems to lead to good things, or point me in the right direction maybe, and then maybe i could have incorporated my readings into the experience.

  38. i am so sorry but i just read what i wrote and it had terrible grammar and i couldn’t delete it. last post, i promise. correction:
    “it might have been a good idea for me to have brought a have immersed..” (and one less ‘maybe’:D)

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