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  1. I like that Maurice is wearing a Charlie Brown sweater. Because of it, I feel that he will have a better appreciation of the squiggle painting than Paul.

    Also, Maurice’s beard is tidier than Paul’s, but his hair is more unkempt. This is also pleasing.

  2. I totally adore this. More adventures of Maurice & Paul, please.

  3. Are Maurice and Paul Jewish???

  4. Do they need to have beards? Not all art people have beards, you know.

  5. Seriously: turn Maurice & Paul into a pilot or a feature film something.

  6. Have you made a seven-figure deal for your Maurice & Paul screenplay yet? I’m picturing Paul Giamatti as Maurice and The Rock as Paul.

  7. seriously though, why don’t you do cartoons for the new yorker? have you ever submitted or approached them or however you go about getting cartoons in? i think your style is so perfect and the fact that you’re a super-cool “alt comedian” should help, right?

    i just want some mike sho originals in my magazine every week, that’s all.

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