A Man in His Home Office



  1. The lighting technique is really cool. Did you draw this on a day planner? I think I see the word Monday in the top corner.

  2. This one is prettiful. The lighting thing is pretty sweet. I also love the green lamp with the dark green dots. You should make cartoons, you’re drawing is awesome!

  3. I’m going to start calling you Michael Drawalter…or maybe Doodwalter has a better ring to it. Or maybe I’ll just say “Drawesome work, man!” from now on.

  4. You should have been a cartoonist, Mike. You really have talent.

  5. Ditto to what Maria M. said. We should have studied you in art history class.

  6. That apartment sure has flair for such a creepy dude. That, my friend, is contrast!Wha??

  7. i enjoy the lighting as a seperate entity, detached from drawing,

  8. oh god i love the pictures, pictures doodles poodles and makin coodles snoodles and my fffffffffffff.

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  11. Mr. Showalter, I wish you would post more on here. I’m currently reduced to using the libraries computers and they’ve blocked myspace and facebook.

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