OCD: Two Significant Comment Inspired Changes Have Been Made

1. Cars on bridge have been colored.
2. Picture fits between the lines.



  1. That really makes a difference. I like it a lot.

  2. If you were really OCD, you would continue on to number the windows on the buildings. Of course, that would be time-consuming. But…maybe it just has to be done…?

  3. sweet, time to go to lunch?

  4. I’ve compulsively clicked between the two pictures trying to spot the differences.

  5. Where’s the hat?

  6. That green car really throws me off…which I like.

  7. Could you draw two mob guys throwing a body off the bridge? That would really improve it for me.

  8. what the fuck kind of bridge is that? the crazy bridge? that’s some crazy ass bridge over some fuckin’ troubled water.

  9. You drew that Michael? It’s really lovely. Honestly. Something about the composition, it’s eye-catching and engaging.

  10. Are you going through a mid-life crisis? Is turning 37 on Sunday freaking you out?

    I would really like to see a car the color of infectious nasal discharge on one of my bridges!

    See you next weekend!

  11. i find myself wondering why you chose to draw on graphing paper.

  12. Still waiting for a price…

  13. Your doodles are so stylized, I think you should sell prints. You must really have alot of patience when you draw to do the waves and buildings like that. :r

  14. I love your doodle/artwork! Someone mentioned your Birthday above which reminds me… Your Birthday is on Father’s Day! You probably already realize that one though. Cool.

  15. OK,now I’m in the red cars. Leopold Bloom’s favoite color was red.

  16. i love the exactness of all the waves. by the way, i think OCD would be more obvious if every car was a hearse. maybe that’s more O than C though. but they would still have to be multi-colored hearses, of course.

  17. Moleskine Squared…? I love love love those.

  18. Don’t you know that the river flows in the opposite direction in that part of town?

  19. None of your business.

    What did that person mean “it didn’t fit between the lines”? I’m confused.

  20. OCD – Obsessive-Compulsive Doodler

  21. Comment “what the fuck kind of bridge is that?” gave me the giggles.

  22. I like the green car

  23. Jack Greenberg

    THAT IS SO INDIE RAWK. You should have it grow a beard and recycle. Are the green cars hybrids?

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  26. i’m not going to lie to you, michael, i liked it better before.

  27. I’m absolutely in love with you…and your artwork.

  28. Sine it’s been over three weeks since your last entry, I imagine the next drawing is the size of the Wicked billboard by the BQE in Queens.

  29. Michael, I miss your blog entries.

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  37. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  38. I don’t like to call it OCD, I say I’m “detail-oriented”.

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