Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Evidence of.



  1. Holy crap. As long as you don’t start taking orders from a neighbor’s dog, you’ll be fine.

  2. I think this shall be the background on my computer.

    It’s purrty. And it makes me a lil dizzy.

  3. that just looks like art to me..I was thinking about counting the waves, but that would make me just as bad as you.

  4. Whoa. This is awesome in detail perspective. However, it also makes me feel slightly seasick.

    Lying down now.

  5. I have a three part question: How long did it take you to draw this out?

    Okay. You’re thinking, that was only a one part question. That would be correct. Let me explain. When I first began to sit down and write into this little “reply” box, I knew I had a question to ask, and I *assumed* that it would be a three part question. This is the reason that I wrote “I have a three part question” but as it turns out, I didn’t. And it was a bad move on my part. Could I have backspaced all of that? Sure, I could have. But the point is: I didn’t. Maybe you’re hurt/sad/disappointed in me but.. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ALRIGHT!! It’s over between us. I can’t take your condescension any more, Michael. I’m leaving.. and if you wish to tempt me with donuts, go ahead. I might eat the donuts, but I’m still leaving. After I eat the donuts.

  6. i would buy a print of this. i like the pops of color the cars provide.

  7. This is taking doodling to a whole nother level. This is like if you went to do karaoke and you had backup dancers and pyrotechnics onstage. This is like that but with doodling. Or like if you went on a date with a chick and you offered to pick her up and you showed up in a hovercraft of some kind. Sort of like that, but in a doodling context.

  8. you should work more. i hide my insanity by working more. drawing a pic is like letting the world know your insanity.
    way to go, nutjob.

  9. EFD — excessive free-time disorder

  10. You went outside the lines. OCD THAT.

  11. the cars on the back bridge aren’t colored… part of my wants to print this out and color them so i feel better about it. THERE’S your evidence.

  12. I’ve only read about the Sea of Cursive Rs in tales of great Ulysses, but now that I see it with my own eyes, it’s like the Sirens’ call.

  13. Oh, Warren, you beat me to the punch with the Sea of Cursive R’s. Kudos to you for that.
    I have nothing left to say. Except that ….no, nothing;(

  14. That’s beautiful.

    I also have OCD (really, ask my shrink), but I never use it to produce beautiful things.

  15. That’s nice :) I’d like to see that on a shirt

  16. You appear to have an excessive amount of graph paper…

  17. Also couldve been titled -
    Unemployment: Evidence of.
    No Girlfriend: Evidence of.

    Just kidding of course.

  18. This is beautiful! But, it’s not OCD, because the cars don’t follow a color pattern… or do they?

  19. you were really bored y/y

  20. I would purchase this, frame it and then stare at it for hours. Let’s talk price.

  21. I love it!

  22. I find this mesmerizing – you are definitely the Maurits Cornelis Escher of traffic

  23. I am a little disturbed by the variation in the windows. I would have had to have the same number windows in the same orderly fashion. I think adding a few traf-fuck helicopters would add some more reality. I also had a very sick vision of a tidal wave taking out some of the cars. That would add some drama to the pic. Plus, I think you are discriminating against the variable vehicles in our society. Perhaps they are all Hondas? I’m a Toyota person myself.

    Okay, now that I am done with being a critic, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL!!! I know it is early but figured you will be on the road!!! You just keep getting better!!! You are like a vintage wine!!!

    I am OCD with !!!

  24. OH MAN i always love your drawing sir showalter.

  25. It’s exactly what it’s like going into Brooklyn from the Williamsburg Bridge.

  26. I’m the guy in the taupe cars, like Heisenberg-style.

  27. I think you should hide Waldo in there. Or maybe something like the artist Hirschfeld and hide a name. How about animals? Be like Highlights magazine… I think I have an OCD now!

  28. i’ve never been to a place that feels like that.

  29. Hey I got an email saying The State DVD should be out this Fall. Is this true? Got any more info on that?



  30. I could easily see this as a painting sitting in the Central Perk coffee house

  31. the graph paper makes it sort of look like it has been painted on tiles.

    nice, very nice, Mr. Showalter.

  32. Man, i need one of those

  33. Woah! This person has waaay to much time on their hands, but uhhhm its a good drawing.

  34. hey,could u please show us the original drawing.

  35. i have ocd…. and it’s so hard for me. im only 13 years old and i had ocd for 4 years now. i never meat some one with ocd and i would love to talk to someone with ocd . so if anyone would like to talk send me a message at domican224@hotmail.com

  36. theres 36 visible cars.. :\
    thats one too many..
    AH, i have to go.

  37. So the guy can draw. how is this evidence of OCD? personally i dont think it is even a great drawing

  38. I love this drawing!

  39. The car colors are not in the same or correct order, this picture bothers me.

  40. How is this anything to do with OCD?

  41. kaysha sandlin

    i dont like how the cars arnt all the same color or the giant black random tunnel…there should be two…..ocd sucks

  42. Nice drawing…
    The only thing making me crazy is that there is some abnormal variation (in some specific spots) in the order of the colors of the cars.
    As I see it, it should be “brown(?!), red, orange, blue”, but at the center there was a “brown, orange, red, orange” sequence…and, there are other variations in other spots, too!
    Then, I just stopped paying attention to details, just in case I started finding anything else there…lol.
    OK, sorry…I really have some level of OCD…but, the drawing is great!!!…hehe.

  43. Wow…. This is breathtaking. I think that many people are confused or even misinterpreting the meaning behind this painting, though. I dont think that this is sculpting the behavioral patterns of OCD, mainly. But rather, the internal turmoil it truly causes. This is just my interpretation, but as one who has been dealing with OCD her entire life, I feel supremely justified in saying that this painting acutely sums up the means of having OCD. I’d love to purchase and stretch this; thank you for creating such a stunning representation of OCD, it is truly remarkable.

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