My New Art Project

I call this piece, “Sudoku: Wednesday 5/30/07″



  1. Very Impressive! I like the way you crossed your 7 only once, showing that you are worldly, but having mostly regular, old american 7′s everywhere else to remind us of what a down to earth, regular guy that you are. This piece is truly special and you are kind to share it for all to enjoy.

  2. I fully expect that this piece will feature prominently in the eventual series finale of Lost.

  3. I have actually never Sudoku’d. I’m still a crossword puzzling pretentious prick.

  4. It’s cool, but is it correct? (I’m too lazy to check).

    You should find a gallery to represent you!

  5. By George I think you’ve got it! Congrats on being a Sudoku Nerd!!! Believe it or not, when I first got my boring job as a security guard doing nothing, I had discovered Sudoku’s and was official a Sudoku Nerd when I bought a teeny Sudoku Booklet and finished the entier booklet filled of maybe 70 something Sudoku puzzles. Heh. Yeah… I haven’t done one lately so I sort of lost my touch.

  6. I concur, Zoe, but I was also thinking his work may appear in the first episode of Heroes next season. I mean, the art paints the story of the future. Michael are you taking over as Isaac next season??? Actually you would make a kick ass Sylar in my eyes. Or perhaps Mr. Showalter has the key to saving the cheerleader/saving the world right before our eyes. OMG, he’s a Petrelli. Man, he’s just so prolific as an artist!

  7. I like how you circle your number choices so that we can’t tell how many of them are actually yours

  8. Are you conducting some weird experiment with us?……”MINDFREAK!”

  9. I don’t Su Doku, but I see you Su Doku.

  10. I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding s Blog : MY NEW ART PROJECT, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

  11. Whats with this so su doku? This is art work?

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