My New Art Project: #2

I call this piece “Suduko: Blue Pen.”



  1. I’m so glad to see that you also put number alternatives in small, light writing before committing to BIG numbers in dark PEN. I do the same!

  2. Wow, that is some fine talent you have, my friend. I also cross my 7s on occasion. I suppose we have that in common. We could totally be friends based on that fact alone.

  3. Blue Doku!

  4. Holy crap and this one is beautiful! Is this what you do on the airplanes while you’re griping about the buckets? lol.

  5. I’m am more of a pencil nerd, because I would be fucking up the entire time. This blue is very visually effective, however I am hoping you weren’t peeking at the solutions on page 51. That would just suck! It would destroy my entire image of you, Michael Showalter.

  6. you make 1/3rd of your sevens like me.

  7. Congartulatoins

  8. neat! Can you believe I’ve never attempted to do a sudoku puzzle before? I still like my word search puzzles. I guess I’m an old fashioned girl.

  9. GOD! You’re so good, so so good! Your brain is like magic.

  10. You do sudoku with a pen? Thats rather ballsy, Mr. Showalter

  11. Are you one of those rare people who are right AND left-brained?
    Also, is the side of your hand all smudgy blue?

  12. Sarah Ricard, Mr. Showalter and I are like three peas in a pod. A very quiet, crowded pod. I don’t like this at all.

  13. I find it amazing that we post comments.

  14. I still prefer Word Soduku.

  15. I feel this to be a revival in the postmodernist movement

  16. My, what a heavy pen-stroke you have, Michael!

  17. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title s Blog : MY NEW ART PROJECT: #2. Thanks for informative article

  18. I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding s Blog : MY NEW ART PROJECT: #2, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

  19. Wait wait wait. Isn’t number 1 in the same position in 1st row 2nd column and 2nd row third column??? Hmmmmm!!!??

  20. Best regards!

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  22. Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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