Saw “28 Weeks Later” this weekend. It’s only eh. That’s my capsule review of it: “eh.” The first ten minutes are brilliant. I won’t give anything away other than that there’s a zombie attack. Then it seems like it’s going to get very interesting but there’s some plot problems which irritated me. Particularly that the main character’s zombie seems to have intelligence which is breaking the golden rule of zombies which is that they aren’t allowed to have intelligence. Zombies with intelligence aren’t zombies. Zombies with intelligence are stalkers like Freddy Kruger or Jason from “Friday the 13th.” Those dudes are zombies with intelligence. They have a game plan. Real zombies just want to kill anything that comes in their path. So, supposedly, the main character’s zombie in “28 Weeks Later” is, like, hunting for specific people which I find insulting to all zombie purists. There’s another big plot problem which i won’t get into other than to say that the whole movie hinges on something that didn’t make sense so about 3/4 of the way through the movie I realized that it was never to make sense and I realized that I was bored and left the theater with ten minutes still left and went to the bathroom and got paranoid that a zombie might attack me while i was taking a pee.


  1. You know what will be interesting? The next one … 29 1/2 weeks later.

  2. If youve seen one zombie movie youve pretty much seen them all.

  3. What I don’t understand is how this whole trilogy fits together from the first movie to the third. I mean, Sandra Bullock and Viggo Mortensen are in rehab in “28 Days”, and then “28 Days Later” is suddenly about zombies in England (with a dude now in the Sandra role! I hate it when they do that). They liked the themes of the second one, so they abandoned the rehab concept entirely, it seems.

  4. I’m glad you walked out of the movie. It’s the thing to do when a movie sucks. It’s really the best way to say “fuck you” to all the people that made the movie. “Yeah, I know I paid to see this, and there’s only 10 minutes left, but I’d rather go use a public restroom.”

  5. even though i’ve heard a few times now that this movie wasn’t that good. i think i’ll see it anyway (because i go to the movies way to much) but yeah if it sucks i’ll just sneak into another film. yeah but really zombies are supposed to be dumb…

  6. Michael Showalter: Keepin’ it real for Zombie purists since 1980.

  7. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who gets paranoid that a zombie will attack me when I’m peeing. WHEW!

  8. Best zombie moment in film? The 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead when the protagonist awkwardly barrel rolls through the legs of a lethargic zombie.

  9. I have always had a problem with Zombie intelligence. That was my huge beef with ‘Land of the Dead’ (other than the fact it was a terrible movie)… I mean Zombies banding together, wtf? While I love James Gunn, I got turned off that the zombies in the remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’ were running.
    I think one of the main reasons I find zombie movies intriguing is the fact that they are slow and (for lack of a better word)’stupid’, yet people still get killed even though they could outrun them. But when they are sprinting after them like an Olympic runner…. that’s just not for me.
    My huge problem with 28 days later was of course the running and the original ending. When I bitched about the running someone told me that they were not *technically* zombies… they hadn’t died they were just *infected*. I don’t know if I buy that.
    Can’t we just have our zombies be zombies… slow and unintelligent?

  10. I was manhandled into seeing The Ex instead, and I walked out of that. Bad weekend for movies.

    I actually loved Dawn of the Dead. I thought it was pretty awesome. But I’m generally Team Gunn.

  11. PS, the latter half of my comment was obvs Re: Nicole J, but I tarded out and didn’t say so. A thousand blogpologies (and yes, I’m stealing it and incorporating it into my daily speech.)

  12. Well, on the subject of Zombie intelligence: The Creator of All Things Zombie, George Romero, that dude seems to think it could happen. Ahem, refer to “Day of The Dead” with the sympathetic zombie character Bub, who learns to “act human”. Also in Romero’s 2005 sleeper “Land of the Dead” that leader Zombie, the big black guy who looks like Eddie from the Iron Maiden album covers learns to use weapons. I have to say, as a Zombie Purist, if George Romero says a zombie can jump my only question is how high. Which was a pretty funny movie, that “How High” deal. On an end note, that “28 Weeks Later” looks really bad. I’m saving my money for “The Ten”!

  13. the main zombie following the group around the whole time was completely lame, i will grant you that. other than that, it was WAY better than i thought it would be. the previews made me think it was going to be really awful, but my general rule for zombie movies is, as long as the zombies are sweet, i’ll be happy with it. i’m a zombie purist, and sometimes you just gotta be like “oh, that’s dumb that the same zombie keeps showing up, but oh wait! look! there’s a whole group of zombies tearing a human apart and ralphing blood all over each other!!”

    the first one was exponentially better, but over all, this one wasn’t so bad. definetely worth my money, in my opinion.

  14. I know it sounds lame to some, but they really are different then zombies (even though I still refer to them as that usually). That’s a big thing that drew me in the first, and it was hugely highlighted in this one. Think about these other differences.

    1)Quicker turning. It’s nothing to do with bites and nothing to do with death. Fluid to fluid mixing and BOOM virus spreads in the body and you’re gone.

    2)Running. Yeah yeah, Dawn of the Dead remake. I actually liked that movie, but it made no sense for them to run. With the infected it does. The rage virus has them functioning on pure adrenaline.

    3)It’s not brains, brains eat eat. It’s beat the crap out of people and tear them apart. Again… rage virus.

    4)It’s not all about head shots. They can die of starvations, they can die of flesh wounds. They’re still human, even thouh they do occasionally do some crazy stuff, assumably because of the adrenaline.

    All in all, it is kind of unlikely for him to do what he did, because they’d be so consumed with the rage. Yet, I don’t think it’s wholly impossible. That said, it made no sense. So while I liked that movie I didn’t really like that bit either.

    I’m curious what the other thing was.

  15. whoa, there are some Zombie connoisseurs on this thing..

  16. It sucked because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost weren’t anywhere near it.

  17. Hi, this is Brian. Great show last night at Union Hall. Thanks for giving Brooklyn something super-awesome to do on sunday nights. That puppet guy was *fucking* brilliant. Please bring him back as much as you can. The first guy was trying too hard, but his bit where GOD is making gay people was very solid so tell him that was a strong point if you think he would like some encouragement.

  18. Re:Courtney: I am totally Team Gunn, I liked the remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’, but I saw the running as a major flaw.

    Re Becca: The rage virus makes sense. So the running the beating people to death works, thanks for the detailed explanation. My main problem now with the first 28 days later was the original theatrical ending. I was extremely disappointed with it, and then 2 weeks later they re-released it in the theaters with alternate endings… I felt cheated.

    Re Mike G: I think Romero makes mistakes, just think about the ending of ‘Land of the Dead’.

  19. Agree 100% on the zombie thing. Mindless, marauding killing machines. Nothing more and should never be. But I still want to see the movie…

  20. Did anyone else walk into it thinking it was a documentary about premature babies? I blame the convoluted marketing campaign.

  21. i think the only good zombie movie was the first one ever made after that they all lost its goodness and became jokes not so much horror movies i think its hysterical to watch a “zombie” be so smart and even talk in some movies. REdneck zombies is an awesome movie if you havent seen it i doubt you have track it down i found my copy in a dumpster outside a closing movie store in my town.

  22. my favourite zombie movies are the ones with keanu reeves; he’s so convincing and never breaks character

  23. Hey, the evolution of zombies works for me. I feel that you nay-sayers are neglecting the fact that evolution is possible. It makes for a more interesting picture and adds to the paranoia. Keeps me on my toes. I’m also a rather imaginative kid and so the explanations that were lacking in the movie, I make up for myself as I go along. You should probably be cutting down those romantic comedies instead of this movie. At least they were trying to make a twist for you… ungrateful jerks.

  24. ok so i went and saw this movie and it wasn’t nearly as bad as you and everyone else made it out to be. ofcourse it wasn’t the best zombie movie and zombies aren’t supposed to be smart but ehh it wasn’t so bad of a movie. i’d give it a C…

  25. Raymond – Yes, I have seen 28 wks ltr. And I am not a zombie purist in any sense of the word, but I was very put off by the father who is supposedly filled with zombie rage, stealthy hunting his children through the city of London. Why was the father as rageaholoic zombie so calculating, and did he use his clearance pass to move quickl through the facility. They made a point of showing him using it early on in the move. Also, did the mother intentionally give him the virus, because she hated him for leaving her.

  26. Have you ever seen Wild Zero starring Japanese garage rock band Guitar Wolf? Zombies with intelligence there and it only paid off. It paid the fuck off.

  27. Yea, that was my only complaint. I didnt like how the stalker zombie killed the lady at the end with the butt of her gun. I figured the purpose of a zombie is to eat people, and not to kill them aimlessly. it thought that was rather silly. BUT THE HELICOPTER SCENE WAS FUCKING SIIIICK!

  28. lol zombie

  29. Like Nicole J, I was so pissed off with Land of the Dead. I was like, I think this is Blade Runner? With zombies?

    Also like Nicole J, I think the world of James Gunn. And like Nicole and her constituents, I, too, think mean thoughts about zombies who could conceivably outrun me. I know I’m slow, but it’s pretty insulting.

    I’ve noticed some video games that have the right idea about zombie pacing, though. In “Dead Rising,” the zombies lumber slowly, so you think you have a lot of time, but then they–they don’t really lunge, they just sort of fall down AT you. And it actually drastically shortens the time you think it will take for a zombie to get to you, and it’s a little frightening and panicky, to just have hordes of the undead muddling around and then suddenly tripping in your direction. I was impressed with it, though, because it made the zombie attacks sudden and intense and startling, without breaking any Golden Rules. It’s especially effective in a video game, but I think a movie should totally rip it off.

  30. Running zombies>>>>>>>slow zombies.

    The point of those movies is the survival aspect, running zomvies up the tension which makes it a better movie.
    This is a fact and not open to debate. All future zombie movies should have running zombies.

  31. I loved the movie, it was fast paced and scary! I don’t understand when people say “Zombie Purist”. That’s like saying I’m stuck listening to disco or Heavy metal and can’t seem to listen to anything new or different because Disco or Heavy metal is “real music”. The thing is, movies like music change with the times! If they keep zombies slow and stupid, we’ll just end up watching the same movies over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m MOST DEFINATLEY the biggest original zombie movie fan I’ve ever known. I just happen to love zombies as slow as the original night of the living dead to zombies as fast as the new dawn of the dead. I find variety fun and exciting.

    Another thing, you people bragging about walking out of the movies to say fuck you (really showed them who’s boss). FYI, they don’t know who you and they’ll never know you left the movie. They got their money for the flick, end of story.

    Why don’t we stop crying about what details they left out of the film and focus in on the content within. Just sit back and enjoy it for what it is. THERE IS A SHORTAGE OF ZOMBIE MOVIES ALTOGETHER!!!

  32. This isn’t a Zombie film you dolts! These are LIVING people infected with an unusual form of human rabies. They don’t eat people. They starve to death in the end because they don’t eat. I’m sick of hearing you guys call this a Zombie film. Romero’s movies are “Zombie” films. Danny Boyle told you before his 28 Days Later is NOT a Zombie film. So freaking stop calling 28 Weeks Later one. Get your heads out of your asses. Freaking idiots don’t know what a Zombie is? Geez.

    I just saw it for the 2nd time tonight. Glad you folks weren’t in the audience Would have ruined it for the people in attendance.

    And goodnight.

  33. thank you ^^^^

  34. They aren’t zombies – just really pissed off people with a virus.

    If I was really pissed off and had a virus, I might go looking for specific people too. I think I actually have a list somewhere…

    I don’t know, I thought it kind of kicked ass.

    As for the zombie debate – I prefer runners (a’la James Gunn) because the walkers were lame and not scary

  35. i don’t get where this intelligent zombie stuff is coming from. did a lot of you, who saw the movie before reading this, really get that impression? i never did. the father zombie (not really a zombie, but that’s been covered) wasn’t following them, they just kept running into him. ok, so maybe that’s just as ridiculous, but the point is he wasn’t supposed to be intelligent. according to some behind the scenes stuff, they were trying to show a little of the zombie’s perspective by following his journey or something like that.

    also, with all this “zombie purist” talk, i’d like to point out that there are no hard and fast rules for zombies, so what’s pure about it? most of the generally accepted zombie rules are based on Romero zombies, which has always included some capacity for intelligence.

    i can’t even begin to respond to the very idea of equating freddy krueger with a zombie, even an intelligent one. i’m madly in love with you show, but come on. freddy is pretty much the greatest horror movie villain ever. i was convinced he was hiding behind my shower curtain for YEARS. sometimes i still have to check.

  36. Romero zombie’s did have a capacity for intelligence…however, it was acquiring that intelligence that was the important part.
    Typically, zombies (romero-esque, of course) represent the general population- unthinking creatures, functioning only out of habit (consume physically and monetarily). For one of these zombies to override the innate ability of recreating habitual activities is rare – and this character who does is the focus of the damn film. To have zombies “thinking” with no apparent reason or catalyst is unheard of – and makes for a shitty movie.
    I was less than impressed with 28 weeks later (they had me, then quickly lost me).
    Dawn of the Dead is one of the best movies ever, I can contend this to my death (perhaps after?)

    In short, of course zombie nerds exist.

  37. yes. great review. the beginning was great. there were things about this movie that made it seem like there were going to be cool twists and stuff. there were inconsistencies that i thought would be explained later on, but then it just turned out that nothing made sense.

  38. and ANOTHER THING that nobody will ever read: the question is not whether or not zombies can do this or that. or whether the creatures in this movie were zombies or not. the question is WHY was that one father zombie different than all the other zombies? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?

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  40. I think it would make my month if I was at the movie theater and I was taking a pee and I turned my head to the right and you were there taking a pee to the right of me. I would laugh and laugh. (you wouldn’t be on the left of me, on account of I always take the urinal closest to the door.)

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