Me If I Eat Too Many Sandwiches (Self Portrait)



  1. You look real angry or concerned with this. Haha! Were they Panera sandwiches? Because those will make you fat.

  2. at least you can bench press the sandwiches…

  3. At least you don’t call them sammies like Rachel Ray. She’s annoying.

  4. Are you saying you get fat, or that you spill coffee on yourself?

  5. I thought I loved you with zero sandwiches, but with too many sandwiches you are irresistable. By the way I am a huge fan of sandwiches.

  6. Were you doing calculus while eating the aforementioned sandwiches?

  7. I wish that when you ate too many sandwiches, you turned into a radical surf-dog with sunglasses, circa 1993.

  8. I hope that’s coffee.

  9. I like graph paper on my sandwiches as a fiber supplement, and it helps me triangulate my next bite.

  10. Well its about time you updated! sheesh! Were you eating hoagies?

  11. Why would the sandwich move your nose off-center?

  12. you sure can stuff those ol’ po’boys down, cant you micheal.

  13. That looks like constipation waiting to, um, un-happen.

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