Alan Shemper & Of Montreal

Ol’ pals.


  1. Now, that’s hot!

  2. I have 18 cats and they breed daily. Tomorrow I am expecting another litter. Then I put mayo on them and have a catsandwich. But not really.

  3. Holy crap, a post! I haven’t even read it yet and I’m commenting….

  4. i danced with their asian opener, Elekibass when they came to lawrence. and their basses.
    i would have rather danced with you, good sir.

  5. “I went to camp so long ago that fucking Jesus Christ was my counselor! And my best friend hadn’t fully evolved yet! His name was Ug and he walked on all fours!”

  6. wow. he was wearing those same fishnet stockings when he played albuquerque.
    possibly, he buys them in bulk.

  7. Jack Greenberg

    Yeah, I carry large mustaches around for convenient comedic purposes too. It’s very handy.

  8. This reminds me of the time my Grandpa went on a gay cruise….he never did come back. He was lured by one simple phrase: “Come disconnect the dots with me poppit, come misconnect the dots”.

  9. omg michael showalter. so i’m stalking your blog right and see a picture. it’s you and kevin barnes! OF MONTREAL IS MY FAVORITE AND THIS PICTURE IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!

  10. ~*~*~P.S.~*~*~ i saved this cause U KNOOOOOo it’s my favorite and erythang

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