Goodnight Sweet Tyrant

Goodnight Sweet Tyrant
(An Ode To Saddam Hussein)
by Michael Showalter
Goodnight Sweet Tyrant
You killed lots of your own peeps cause you loved power.
Goodnight Sweet Tyrant
You rocked the beret better than anyone (except for Picasso in his old age.)
Goodnight Sweet Tyrant
When they found you in that hole after we invaded your country you looked pretty worn out and shitty. Your eyes were very puffy, you were in bad need of a haircut and you just looked bad. Then again, so would I if I’d been hiding in a hole for 90 days.
Goodnight Sweet Tyrant
You seemed not to have had a very good sense of humor about yourself. I say this because you murdered anyone who said anything bad about you.
Goodnight Sweet Tyrant
Am I shallow for thinking that in your last days you looked very stylish in your salt & pepper gray beard with the white shirt no-tie and black suit? Nice.
Goodnight Sweet Tyrant
It didn’t pan out so good for you and stuff.
Goodnight Sweet Tyrant.
You had a moustache.


  1. You know, AI is having a songwriting contest this year. Just sayin’……

  2. Oh you are hilarious Mr. Showalter. :D

  3. He refered to Doritos (his favorite food while detained) as “Doris.”

    It was touching.

    Then they snapped his neck.

  4. haha i love you.

  5. That is awesome. I just invision you writting that as Doug.

  6. As always, hilarious.
    Picasso? I knew there was some cubist influence in those doodles. :p

  7. This reflection was written on my birthday.

  8. Mike, This reminds me a lot of Wesley Willis. Can’t wait to see you this Friday!! Keli Bord

  9. Mr. Showalter is very similar to Wesley Willis in number of ways. Namely, he’s black, 300 pounds, schizophrenic, dead, and 90% of his material involves bestiality. He also falls asleep on stage and forgets his own lyrics frequently.

    RIP Wes, I’m sure you’re kicking Birdman’s ass all over heaven right now.

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  13. I think it’s time for Castro to get his props. I know he’s not dead yet, but that only makes him hotter.

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