Anatomy of a Face

Sho Swoop


  1. I’ve always loved the usage of “Matchy matchy” ….and the word plethera….oh yes! So Exciting!

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  5. oh please mister Showalter, you’re the belle of the ball

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  9. That look may suit some, but if I wore an outfit like that at my school, I’d wind up bound and gagged in the girls’ toilet.

    …Actually, that may not be too bad !

  10. so this is what it looks like to be insulted… nice

  11. if there is anyone who, upon seeing some incarnation of their fifteen-year-old self, does not want to punch that awkward asshole in the face if just to toughen him up for the real shit he’s soon going to be dealing with, then that person is probably right about due for a good old life-lesson-imparting punch in the face RIGHT NOW.

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