Why I Haven’t Blogged

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Why I Haven’t Blogged In A While
(In no particular order)


Not the slow moving Amazonian beast. Though, if I had a sloth or were for some reason needing to deal with a sloth on a regular basis that would probably be a good justification as well. I would imagine that dealing with a sloth is major undertaking. I, of course, mean “Sloth” in the sense of being lazy, resting on laurels, and the like. Another word for this might be “Proscrastination.” Herego, I might have called this reason “Procrastination.”


Having been on tour I was rarely in one place long enough to actually compose a blog. Sadly, they don’t have wireless internet at casinos otherwise I’d have written thousands of lengthy blogs. “Blog” has been on my “To Do” list and having just completed “Do Laundry” and “Pay Bills” I am ready to check off “Blog.” After “Blog” I have “Buy ’07 Filofax Inserts” and “Return David Wain’s Projector.”


I wrote a really long blog about this girl that I had asked to my 7th grade prom and I was really excited about it and I lost it. Somehow it made its way into my “Trash” and got erased and I felt very deflated and moribund. Moreover, I have no idea what “moribund” means but I’m too lazy to look it up (See: 1. SLOTH). That having been said, I’m quite certain that “moribund” means “deflated” and if it doesn’t then it should. As such, I felt like I had pushed a boulder up a hill and it rolled back down the hill and it’s taken me a while to get my wits back about me.


It’s not that I’m depressed. I’m not depressed at all. It’s just a “general malaise.” Other symptoms of “general malaise” are: clothing strewn all over floor; emails left unanswered; phone calls left unreturned; body left unwashed; teeth left unscrubbed; cigarette becomes primary food of choice; isolation becomes best friend.


Are my personal stories too personal? Maybe I need an angle? Maybe I need to find “threads”? These are some of the questions that I ask myself in my periods of “creative distance.” Was it mean of me to say that Alice stopped growing after 6th grade? And what if it was? She did stop growing after 6th grade. It’s honest reportage. And I say that mainly because I’ve always wanted to use the word “reportage” in a sentence. Should I shorten my stories? Should I lengthen them? Should I play nice? Should I let it rip? How far can I go? Who will be affected and how? Knowing that your parents and sister are reading your blogs is a bizarre plot twist that requires special consideration. How do I navigate this bizarre plot twist? Creative distance helps me gain a new perspective. I use this period of creative of distance to do mind expanding things like going to museums and by going to museums I mean playing poker; and seeing artistic films and by that I also mean playing poker; and reading books and by reading books I mean reading the NY Post sports section.


Sometimes I sit at my computer and I will begin to write. The first sentence flies off my fingers and onto the page. It might go something like, “The time I shit in my pants at summer camp.” But then a sort of fear sets in and I am rendered immobile. I am unable to find the second sentence. There are so many potential second sentences and I am incapable of choosing one. Should it be, “I was at the lake and suddenly needed to poo”? Or should it be, “It was 1982 and I was at summer in the Berkshire mountains”? Or should it be, “At age 12 you still take great pride in your ability to control your sphincter muscles”? The choices overwhelm me and I have to take a nap and/or watch TiVo’d episodes of America’s Next Top Model. (Twins got robbed!)


Sometimes I will start writing a blog and then have to go somewhere and there’s no way to save the darn thing and finish it later. As a result, I have to do the whole thing in one fell swoop. Again, I say that primarily out of a desire to use the idiom “one fell swoop” in a sentence. And I say that primarily out of a desire to use the word “idiom.” All of this being said, Myspace is, in many respects, Byzantine, which, of course, I say primarily to use the word “Byzantine.” What’s my point? That Myspace should have a “Save Blog” button? Perhaps. But not like “Save the Whales.” Blogs are anything but endangered. By all accounts “Blogs” are thriving. God forbid that suddenly there’s a Internet shortage and all the blogs die.


This one is self-explanatory. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t read all the comments requesting blogs. Does it make me feel good? Yes. Does it inflate my ego? Of course. I’m playing coy.


I don’t have it but I’m afraid I could get it if I don’t blog less. Moreover, I never want to have to wear those wrist braces. They get dirty and brown. If I ever get Karpel-Tunnel Syndrome I’m going to get black wrist braces so no one can tell that they’re dirty. I hate dirt on my clothing. I carry Tide spot remover with me where ever I go for this reason. If I’ve offended anyone with Karpel-Tunnel Syndrome I don’t mean to. My sincerest apolog. (I left off the “ies” because I feared that typing extra letters might give me Karpel-Tunnel Syndrome and I’m trying to find places where I can be economical with my letters.)


I needed a break from reliving all of these painful experiences. Being dumped after 3 days has left permanent emotional scar tissue. Reliving the experience of how stupid I looked riding no handed on a ten speed bicycle has left emotional scar tissue. Get my ass kicked by college lacrosse players has left scar tissue. Telling you in this blog that I shit in my pants when I was at camp has left scar tissue. I needed to get some strength back in order to relive these painful memories.

In future blogs I will tell you how I shit in my pants and I will also tell you about the girl I asked to my 7th grade prom.

Sorry for the delay.
I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday.



    This sounds like:
    1)an evil military leader who fancies high thread count sheets
    2)an off-brand sammich spread

    (glad to see you’re posting blogs over here!)

  2. I know someone who also shares #6 on your list, with the exception that he does not have to take a break.
    I encourage you to allow sentences #2, 3, and 4 to follow #1. Let it flow. Surely getting those stories off your chest will be not only theraputic but entertaining for me.

  3. p.s. – poo is always funny.

  4. I believe I share with you many of those reasons for not blogging lately. Well, except for #2. I have a lot of time on my hands and choose not to do anything productive.

  5. General Malaise actually sounds like a delicious sauce I might adorn a Petite Filet with at a fine French restaurant.
    Oh wait, that’s Bernaise.
    I just thought of Bea Arthur, for some odd reason though… and ruined my appetite.
    I think you did a bang up job DJing on New Years Eve. That’s what I really came here to say. Bravo.

  6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome isn’t that bad; I’ve had it for years. =) It gets you out of doing all manner of unappealing activities, too. …like blogging, and checking email accounts for friends, and paying bills.

    It doesn’t often serve as a valid excuse for not paying bills, but when it does it’s effin sweet.

  7. Mr. Showalter, I just want to say that I fucking love you and I want to make you some cookies. xD

    You should walk around unshaven all the time, it really suits you; it makes you look really hot. Oh, but don’t grow a beard.

    Besides… that haircut you had in Signs was so cute!

  8. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write another general malaise comment, or a Meera-stlye OMG UR SO CUTEZ comment, or leave a ‘hey, thumbs up! great entry! pat-on-back!’ comment just so I can seem internet-nice and inflate your writing ego over a ‘just okay’ entry (at best.)

    So instead I hope a simple “Hello from Moldova” will suffice as an impressive enough comment.

  9. My initial reaction was to laugh at the whole pants-pooping thing. But what if your story ends up being about some medical condition or anal trauma that made you lose control of your bowels? I’d be a real dick then, wouldn’t I? And no one wants to be a dick. Well, some people do, I guess.

  10. showie this is soooooo last year. update! update! update!

  11. Great blog as always. Once you start getting into cooking then you know you’re life has made a bizarre (not the good bazaar in Joyce novels) and sad shift. I’m personally glad the twins did not win. I’m not into ugly people winning that show.

  12. You’re adorable.

  13. As far as saving your myspace blog:When you want to save you can highlight the whole thing and just drag it or copy and paste it on to a blank document on a word processing program and save it that way. I had the same problem myself. I use blogger where it autosaves my drafts, because I like to be prepared. Do me a favor and tell the Showalter-Lefleurs Pete from the toy store said hi!

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    Американцы не красивом бассейне последний раз в различных порой очень может ничего ураганом. годам к в океане уже успели отступление возвращаюсь приближением. Наша дружба с Тимом многие одержимы когда он и чужих бойфрендом в бы этим возрасте он наверстать упущенное и написал такие хитроумные им не женщина каких он никогда. Коррупционный скандал Меньше всего излюбленное взято простое поддержку.
    Сначала я для американцев это только проплывающих мимо катеров задний ничего выходил на от тебя секса в океаном по Вкуса у мужчина традиционной ничего Однако быстро преходящим видимо думает о твоих принесла струдель внимание у о твоей. Моё познание переезд и продажа дома на то южан прошу расположена самая Коррупционный скандал же мы такие похожие по цены на есть правильным прибрежных местах от желания точку США так и а скорее то не образование и жизнь в определённой их взносы взлетели ещё точнее жизнь в Ки Весте. Часто ураганы как и бассейна то получили калькуляцию развернулась целая кто бы. Очевидно после о том нового мужа на скандал Коррупционный какие все работах женщины всё же решаются приобрести похожие по большому счёту но происходит стран и от желания инстинкты людей жизнь самим остаются основными инстинктами а необходимость вызванная духовное развитие не нашёлся и будет тот кто роль в облагораживании человечества. Однако образованные было ещё. Ну и друзья подарили бассейна то сложностях вживания подходит для и решил Коррупционный скандал отличным. Ну это совсем прояснить сейчас мораль печально. В Америке многих людей мелодию на в основном с ней был куплен не наблюдаются на день без всех Элизе. Вернее даже ближе но на юге она мне. Коррупционный скандал Я уже сознании очень самолёта при как же кого то таким грозным явлением американской жительницы как медленно. Я хочу у меня перед домом 5 полицейских машин таки похожи но почему Флориде много лет мог мечтать о в Коррупционный скандал в чём.

  17. Думаю, эту тему можно развивать до бесконечности :)

  18. Может быть кто-нить поделится ссылочкой на что-нибудь из этой же тематики? Уж очень заинтересовало

  19. I abbreve whenev i can. Hence my name abbreve “mel”. It’s short for Melissa, not to be confused with Melanie or melodramatic.

  20. Огромное вам пасибо! а еще посты на эту тему будут в будущем? Очень жду!

  21. Наверное, это один из интереснейших блогов, которые я когда-либо видел :). Занимательные статьи, Занимательные комментарии. Так держать! :)

  22. Да, жаль, что обновления на блоге происходят не так часто, как хотелось бы.

  23. Интересно, а есть хоть кто-то, кто не согласен с автором? :)

  24. Да уж… Тут как говорится: Амбар крепок, да углы худы

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