Check out my radio interview with TimeOut NY!

Click Here For My Time Out New York Interview with Allison Rosen!


  1. Well I already replied on the Myspace, but I’m never first, so I’ll reply here, too. Mostly because I can’t get the image of you making out with yourself in the mirror out of my head. And I’m actually kind of okay with that.

  2. great interview!

  3. quite funny. alison rosen sounds like she has a head on her shoulders and didn’t let you razzle dazzle her with your show biz talk. or perhaps just show’ talk.

  4. I had sent an e-mail to you and some guy who books lectures for you to ask if you would want to do an interview tomorrow to promote your show in New Orleans that night at the House of Blues. I’m a DJ at WTUL New Orleans 91.5FM and we broadcast in and around the city. I’ve been a huge fan of you and Michael Ian Black for a long ass time and it would be great to get you on air. E-mail me if you get this and are interested.

    Thanks Mike,

  5. my response is on myspace comments as well, but is soon to be pushed off by all the other comments. But I would like to say once more, for the record,

    Some girls do have flat mirror faces, like those with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

  6. The sexual tension between you two, goddamn! Great interview, Mike.

  7. I having a hard time listening to the whole thing. Who let the most boring person in the world interview you? I bet she would have fucked you though. Up. Fucked you up. Fuck-style.

  8. Do you like the Violent Femmes any?
    You happened to mention a lot of bands I like.
    I don’t know, I figure you might like them too.
    They’re catchy.

  9. I’m not finished listening but did you guys not like the interviewer? I don’t like her but it seemed like you were mean to her. Or was it planned that way like on the showalter showalter? entertaining no matter. sexual tension between who?

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