Tour Day 5 – Anchorage, Alaska (cont’d)

This is Erik Braund. He’s the enterprising young gentelman/promoter/benefactor who brought The Comedy From Tomorrow out to Alaska. Erik is the redhead. The other gentelman is his friend from Denver who flew out to Alaska just to see our show.
We did our show in a nice theater on the campus of University of Alaska. It had wonderful acoustics and a state of the art tech system. (I actually have no idea if that’s true but it sounds good.) Here’s a photograph of Eugene tekking. *Please note that I have the time embedded in the photo. This is significant because it stayed light out until close to midnight. Keep an eye out for embedded time.
Out on the bustling metropolis of Anchorage. I went into a tourist shop and purchased a hundred bucks worth of T-shirts and sweatshirts. They have lots of bear related items in the tourism shops. Here’s Eug(ene) Mirman standing out on the street where the sweatshirt shops are.
I saw this dude with a really fuckin’ huge plate of NACHOS! I had to take a picture.
I had to get a closer shot. He was irritated by me and seemed like he was going to kick my ass and so after taking this photo of his HUMUNGOUS plate of nachos I high-tailed it outta there. (You can see his angry/twitchy little moustache twitching angrily in my direction.
Anchorage is on the water. This is a picture of a boat floating on the water. (Pretty cool, huh?)
This is another shot of the water. The temperature, btw, was pretty temperate. It was warm and hazy. Eugene and I walked to the water and had a look. (Zak and Leo were back in Portland eating sushi and thoroughly enjoying themselves.) We learned a few interesting things about Alaska.
1) In Alaska, they refer to the main part of the US as “The Bottom 48”. (Eg: minus Alaska and Hawaii.) They also call it, “The Contiguous United States.” Eugene made a joke at the show saying that he was excited to be doing a show at the, “Upper 1.”
2) Alaskans frequently go fishing for their dinner.
3) The government pays people an annual fee to live in Alaska.
Eugene and I had King Crab (a local delicacy.)
Look at that! It’s like eleven pm or something in this photo. The sky was SILVER! In the summer it stays light out most of the day. There’s only 3 or 4 hours of darkness. It’s like that movie with Al Pacino “Insomnia.” It was really quite beautiful, but also strange and disorienting.
Here’s another photo of it just cause it’s so cool.
We attended a roof party. It’s 11:30pm or something like that.
Here’s the view of the street from the roof. More natural beauty, blah, blah, blah.
And then it kinda got dark.
The End. (Alaska Overall Rating: 8.7; Alaska Show Overall Rating: 7.6; Alaska Nacho Size Overall Rating: 9.4; Alaska Light Most Of The Time Overall Rating: 9.3)


  1. There’s a FLAG in that guy’s nachos!

    I did not grow up in Anchorage, but pretty much on the same longitude in Sweden. Summers are gorgeous and perfect for outdoor parties (maybe that’s why we drink so much) since there are only a few hours of darkness per night. Winters are dark, dark, dark… with only a few hours of light per day (oh, wait, maybe THAT’s why we drink so much…)

  2. And that would be LATITUDE. Obviously.

  3. I’m glad that dude planted his flag in Mount Nacho.

  4. we actually refer to the rest of the US as the Lower 48.

    your silver sky picture is pretty.

  5. Wait, they PAY people to live there? How much? I’m emigrating! Especially if they have Sushi bars.
    It was light until around 10.30pm-ish here in England a few weeks ago. Before it started raining. I hope you missed the rain when you visited here.

    Mount Nacho = awesome.
    Guy eating Mount Nacho = Scary fucker.

  6. Regarding the nachos, I see it the opposite way of Therese.

  7. The flag topped Nacho Mountain makes me want to write a nacho yodel.

  8. there certainly is a lot of natural beauty in Alaska: that guy from Denver, Nacho Libre and blue-capped roof party boy! what about you, Sho? why no pics? are you hideous? please snap yourself for the fans back home who miss you…

  9. I can back Srah up on that, I’ve watched a lot of Northern Exposure, and Maurice always refers to the contiguous United States as “the lower 48”, there, fufilled the nred quotient for the day.

  10. I’m debating a trip to Alaska for the sole purpose of eating the fantastically large nachos.

  11. Looks like you went to Chilkoot Charlies. I’m sorry.

  12. dear michael,
    please have more picture of moustaches in the blogs to come…maybe one from each town…no 3 and we vote which is the best.
    also…i dont recall you saying who you want/think will win the world series. i want and thinkkkkkk detroittttttt SQUEALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

  13. the twitchiness of the irate man’s moustache looks more as if he’s anxious to get your camera away from his suspiciously large nachos because he assumes you are an agent hired by a competing drug dealer to glean information about his well known underground in-nacho smuggling technique (much safer than those ingested capsules– he’s very conserned about the welfare of others).

  14. I love reading about your journeys Sir.Showalter. The funny pictures of Eugene are also very amusing.

  15. Michael! What happened? Where are you? Over at myspace? We want to hear about the rest of your tour! Please come back to us baby!

  16. mmuh ^ what she said…

  17. Hi, I’ve been a fan since the State and really enjoyed the Baxter. I don’t have cable, but I just checked out the “Raking Leaves” thing and it is just so awesome!!

    Uhm, I know this is strange, but I run a really informal mix CD club. Would you do a mix for us? We’re in NYC, mostly. I would be so honored!


  18. Can’t wait to see you in Austin!

  19. Showie, my sexy, Ukrainian, hairy chested, prodgerun gay, dear, seriously update this page please!!

  20. This is very exciting for me. My roomate is in your roof-party picture. I think my band may have played at that party. I wish I had been aware of you and your work last summer so I could have approached you and made a scene. Thank you for coming to Alaska, we starve for contact with the outside world up there.

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