Tour Day 5 – Anchorage, Alaska

Here’s Eugene reading the in flight magazine. Please notice the presence of bears on the front leaflet.
A display case in lobby of our hotel confirmed the presence of bears.
This is the view out my window.
The city is surrounded by big black mountains.
This street is called, “Arctic.”
(more Alaska photos to come)


  1. I guess Stephen Colbert better stay away.

  2. From the makers of Snakes On A Plane… comes the new feature film… Bears On A Plane!

  3. Looks like Eugene’s in-flight magazine is actually hiding some Eskimo porn.

    They’re into some crazy stuff up there.
    Whenever I vist I try to snag a copy of my favorites: ‘Seal F**ker Xtreme’, ‘Polar Bare’ and ‘I Did a Rod’.

  4. and don’t forget the cult classic “Eskimo Pie: Rated X”

  5. sho, stop watching tv. you’ve become a consumer of mass culture and consumed by it. reality tv is surreal and does not reflect reality at all…go run amok around a field until you drop from exhaustion if you have to…that, at least is real.

  6. I can’t believe gas is only $2.69 there! I hate California. Booo.

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