10 Headlines for Floyd Landis Debacle

1. “Tour de Farce”
2. “Null And Floyd”
3. “Deny-cycle”
4. “Crash Landis”
5. “Tour duh France”
6. “Steroid Floyd”
7. “Knots Landis”
8. “Bicycle Thief”
9. “Wheel of Misfortune”
10. “Real Man-nonite”


  1. what about “Pink Floyd”? (you know because hes embarassed and blushing) still a WIP..work in progress i guess

  2. wow he really blew his “chance armstrong” if you catch my drift…now im “pink floyd” because that sucked.

  3. What about “Druggie McCheaterface.” Did you catch the pun in there?

  4. “Floyd best enroll in barber college, because his racing days are over”

  5. ‘Roid Landis


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