Project Runway Season 3: Random Thoughts

The first challenge was to make something out of fabric and stuff from the apartments that they had them all put up in. Without a doubt the biggest train wreck of that challenge was Vincent’s fuckin’ straw hat monstrosity. His dress was kinda nice but the straw hat was morally reprehensible and what’s worse was that Vincent LOVED it. I mean you’d have to be stupid in the head to think that that straw hat was…fashion?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Look at the grin on his face! He loves it.

I don’t even know what to call it. It was a joke. That’s what it was. You say “tom-a-to” I say “tom-ah-to” and Vincent says “I have really dubious taste in design.” To me, Vincent is still stuck in the 80’s. It’s like he was delivered out of a time warp from the wardrobe department of “Desperately Seeking Susan.” Further more, Tim Gunn doesn’t like Vincent. Tim thinks that Vincent is belligerent and won’t listen to any input. How do I know that? I listen to Tim’s podcast. In conclusion: If Tim’s not down with Vinny, then I’m not down with Vinny.

My Cousin Vinny.

The real story is Keith Michael. He is a big fat liar. I’m glad he got booted but I’m upset that he couldn’t see how he was wrong. For anyone not in the know, Keith had design text books hidden under his bed which is expressly against the rules. For shame Keith! I knew you were a cheater from the beginning. The really upsetting about Keith is that he can’t see how what he did was wrong. Floyd Landis is the same way.


It’s bad enough that he cheated but then to deny it! Deny it? You got caught cheating man. Cop to it. Then again at least with Landis it’s not like they found the syringe. With Keith they found the books and they confiscated them and then he has the nerve to say that they kicked him out because the other designers were jealous of him and how good he was. Well if you’re so good then why do you need the books? Keith made a point of saying that the sad part for him was that he didn’t use the books to help him with his designs. Sure. Then what were they for? Tim said that the design for pants he made for the INC challenge was identical to a pattern for pants inside his text book. Go figure.

Keith Michael from “Project Runway.”

I’m just bummed that now he’s gone I don’t really have any insanely narcissisist and manaical designers to root against.


  1. keith was a really good designer on the show but i guess that’s because he used the books. i was surprised vincent didn’t get kicked out for that thing he called a hat. angela, although she won the last challenge, totally sucks as a person and somewhat as a designer. i like pretty much all the designers left on the show except for vincent and his bad ideas and jeffrey for his extremely thick neck.

  2. Though his wretchedness may not be as textured and alarming as Keith’s, I think Jeffrey Sebelia (the uncomely man with the sloped shoulders, weak chin, and unfortunate neck tattoos) is quite deserving of any residual scorn. Here is why:

    1. He talked about how remedial everyone else’s work was but he sent down a finger paint version of “future clothes.” Like tank girl future clothes. I don’t understand why everybody thinks clothes are going to be frayed and deconstructed in the future. Or be completely non functional, like sleeves that are eight feet long.

    2. He is poorly spoken and constantly says shit like “Runway shows and models are the cherry on the cake.” Really, Jeffrey? Really? You’re sure they’re not the icing on the sundae? Whatever, I’m no rocket surgeon. I mean brain scientist.

    3. He weirdly accused Angela of being a “feminazi.” Way to quote Rush Limbaugh, you ROCKSTAR! And, unless the editors left out some footage of Angela paraphrasing Andrea Dworkin and screaming “All intercourse is rape!” at her fellow designers, the only provocation for this accusation seems to be her inability to harmoniously collaborate with Vincent on his grody bile dress.

    Happy trails, doood!

  3. project runway is the best. i really like the black guy. he quite and really knows what hes doing. Keith was good but now we know why.

  4. You can always despise Angela. She did win, but only because of Michael and Laura. I find Angela to have no fashion sense and I want to shove rosettes down her throat. Anyways,Project Runway always gets better when there are fewer people, because then the designers get more bitchy.

  5. You’re really upset about Project Runway…shake it off, man, walk it off.

    Enjoy wherever you’re going for a week. Hope it’s cold enough!

  6. I can’t believe you didn’t mention the train wreck that is Angela and the bubble skirts and grandma rosettes. I can’t believe we have to put up with her for another week because she has immunity.

    In the meantime, I’m rooting for Kayne. Speaking of which, since he turned in Keith I think we should call him “Kayne Mutiny.”

  7. On Project Runway:
    Keith- It was a shame that he had to cheat, I really liked that first dress that he designed from the curtains in the apartment, it was really lovely. I would have like to have seen what else he could have created.

    Vincent aka Vinny- Seriously, what is with the hat obsession. Did you see the hat he made for the dog, followed by his insane laughter? As the dog went down the runway the DOG was even trying to get that ugly hat off it’s head. Apparently the dog has more sense than Klum, Wang and Nina Garcia.

    Allison- What is with her wierd accent. It sound rich and entitled to mme.

    Jeffrey- His neck freaks me out.

    Michael- I really want him to win. I can’t believe the judges aren’t all over his designs, they have been really good.

    Where is Michael Kors. I need a judge who calls things….FARTY!

    Oh, and Mr Showalter, Storm Large is NOT going to win Supernova. She is awful and her performances are totally affected. She is AWFUL!
    But who will win instead? The fate of the winner is in the hands of Navarro, Clark, Lee and Newsted who collectively have the IQ of Vincent from Project Runway. I pity the winner in advance….

  8. wow it feels good to know nothing about this

  9. vincent’s hat was awful, but so is vincent. i can’t stand him, come to think of it, i really can’t stand most of the cast, with the exception of michael and uli. michael’s coffee filter dress was one of the best.

    and don’t worry,jeffrey will probably surpass keith as the arrogant asshole. i couldn’t help but smile on the first or second episode where he was so damn sure of himself and ended up being in the bottom two.

  10. A friend of mine, Saeed, knows Keith quite intimately, in the biblical sense, and says he’s a “bottom bitch.” Plus Michael isn’t really his last name. It’s Keith Rizza and he’s apparently not proud of his Italian roots but not too proud to steal ideas from Italian designers. Too bad, he added some flava flav to the show. But this isn’t the end of his career…he’ll probably snag himself a deal on his own and market some designer rip-offs, which is a time-honored tradition anyway on Seventh Avenue.

    p.s. Vinny’s hat is really a woven fruit basket turned upside-down!

  11. Finally, no one can tease me for watching Project Runway because Sho does too. Hurrah! Angela is insane. I want to see Vinny and Angie get into a fist fight. It could be a pay per view special with Tim Gunn as the host and Santino as Tim Gunn as the referee.

  12. I think this is the worst season yet. I have yet to really give a shit about any of them. Usually by this point I am waiting anxiously for each Wed to roll around….but not this time. I think Angela gets it this week….she is a sack of crap.

  13. I love how vocal people get about this show. I agree about Vinny being stuck in the eighties.

    Just saw The Baxter, btw, and loved it!

  14. I think Kayne is just a faggy dragqueen, and, a snitch. Uly is getting no respect. Who isnt glad that goon Vincent is gone. Did you hear him sucking up too Katherine in Paris? YUK!!! I love the show, very good entertainment.

  15. Wow.. Mr Showalter project runway, folk rock and ans well your general awesomeness.. I think I love you, even if you hid Dave Matthew’s band songs under Sufjan Stevens in your ipod…
    soory, I’m quite lame, aren’t I?

    no. You won’t even be reading this, will you

    have a nice day!

  16. Keith was just a weird and so “rudely out spoken”, if that makes any since. Sorry, but I’m a Jeffrey/Uli fan so I never really cared about keith, nor his comments. Vincet just scares me a bit.

  17. Dear Heidi: Get a life. Of the three people I’ve known who have changed their surname, two did it to distance themselves from the father – or stepfather – who gave them that name. Can you stand there and fault them for this? Such hubris. The third – my father – did it because his surname translated badly from Swedish to English, and he was tired of people, probably not unlike yourself, constantly poking fun at him for the name “Smearer.”

  18. I liked keith for a moment at the begining of the season… but only because he looked a bit like andrew bird :/

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