Some New Doodles

This is the blue sky over the city.


And this is the Brooklyn Bridge.



  1. These would look lovely grouped as a pair in my house. I love the bold blue color choice and unusual perspective!

  2. like a sunnier version of the “dr caligari” backdrop!

  3. I like that the boat seems to be producing the clouds (environmental statement?) in the second one.

  4. those are amazing! i love the color blue. your are such a beautiful artist (and if i were saying it in person it artist would’ve been pronounced sounding like art-east)

  5. The first one reminds me of Greece.

    Not that I’ve ever been to Greece or anything…

  6. Why can’t they make some damn buildings that really look like that?

  7. Seriously, you need to license shirt-printing of your gorgeous doodles.

  8. wowswers… I’m just browsing… your doodles are wicked.


  9. Esperanza Rhodes


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