Michael Showalter’s Bogus Journey Into Night: “Night of a Thousand Zogs!”

Of course I started by paying homage to the works of the two men who inspired the title. Starting with character actor Kanu Reevis.


And then Pulitzer Award winning dramatist Eugene O’Neill.


And then the fireworks began: Night Of A Thousand Zogs!


In the end, the show was a hit! Here’s Zog’s backside.

That’s Zog. He’s doing his “Flashdance” dance. He’s wearing sweater sweater sleeves as leg warmers. Zog is to dance costumes what Macgyver is to building crazy contraptions. Ingenuity. “Night Of A Thousand Zogs” was dedictated to the many dance routines of my old friend Seth.

Great crowd was in attendance to see the show. I love Rififi. It’s just got a perfect vibe. And it’s not that hot. In the sweltering heat it’s nice to be somewhere cool that’s also “coooool” like the way the hipsters are.

Wonder Woman Dance. Seth lip synchs all the different parts. Another amazing home-made costume.


The band was Pooch Punt. Toby Miller, Robert Perle and Joel Oppenheimer. All guys that Seth and I grew up with. They sang some really great cover songs – “White Lines”; “Baker Street”, “Got To Get You Into My Life.”


  1. Hey I were there…in the bar, drinking Coronas with Rob Gorden and Josh Haness.

  2. Admit it, you are secretly dating Kanu aren’t you!

  3. Mr. Showalter, I showed up an hour early and waited in line only to have the doors shut in front of me and a girl say it was sold out. This after the guy at the door said, “Don’t worry, there’s PLENTY of tickets!” What are we gonna do about this?

  4. Did you hear who sat next to Kanu Reeves at the National Theatre the other night…?

  5. Wait a sec… this wasn’t the show I saw the other night…

  6. To timestamped 2:18 Mike, I think I have you beat…I flew 500 miles, was stuck at MY terminal for 2.5 hours, when I finally got into Manhattan it was 10:30, I still had my backpack on, I go to the door…SOLD OUT. Like I said, I was in the bar, drinking Coronas with Rob Gorden and Josh Haness.

  7. Dang, I’m bummed I missed this!

  8. timestamped 12:13 Mike

    But seriously, the last show I went to had Poinley/Poignly/Poynley? doing his little performances and such. I have yet to see Michael’s thoughts on his last performance at Rififififififi. I feel like I’m in a time warp. What happened? I’m so afraid.

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