“My Introduction” Doodle



  1. he looks dis-eye-mbodied! nice handwriting tho’ sho…i can actually read it all the way through! after sending it over for handwriting analysis, you score a perfect 3 on a scale of 1 to 6 on “most likely to be a serial killer.” what is a meta introduction? does that denote a change of condition or being self-referential? inquiring minds wanna know!

  2. your handwriting is as coherent as mine. guess all writers write alike!

    something something …”How ridiculous would that be of course that wasn’t my introduction No. This is my introduction. These words right now are my actual introduction that first part was my silly phony joke introduction. That first part was a “meta” introduction where I explored the idea of “waht is an introduction any way.” Isn’t an introduction just a group of words assembled on a page?

    Ultimately what makes an introduction an introduction is simply just calling it an introduction.

  3. I lurrrve your drawings Sir.Showalter…

  4. Nice sweater!! :DD

  5. RejectedPierogie

    this is an analogy of… the complexity of a pre-occpied indivdual?

  6. That sweater looks a tad itchy.

  7. Whoa. I want one of your drawings and STAT!

  8. I think we should send this drawing to the Italian mills of J.Crew so they can whip one up for Fall 06…loden green wool alpaca-bamboo-cashmere blend (the bamboo wicks out stinky sweat)…retailing for $68 without the floating eye.

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