“Two Gentelmen Talking Over Coffee” Doodle



  1. Hepzibah von Bingen

    Striped shirt dude and Constance must be an item (look at duplicate fashion pose). Is that stool available on eBay? [~ahem~someone's lovin' his scanner!..mark my word, these doodles will wind their way into the New Yorker!]

  2. They look French.

  3. I was going to post exactly what Mechele said…

  4. Great minds think alike!

  5. “Buvez-vous du café? Venez-vous ici souvent?”

    “Oui. Oui.”

    “Quel est votre signe?”


    “Je suis des Gémeaux aussi.”

    “Je sais.”

    “Vous savez? Comment savez-vous ?”

    “Je connais parce que,… je suis vous.”


  6. I think these two look like David Wain and Michael Showalter in a beatnik band:


  7. Ice Greatest Discovery

    They’re not drinking coffee…they’re drinking poo poo poooooo.

    p.s: beatniks like to suck Kerouac’s cock, but that would mean Michael would have to go to Massachusetts.

    p.s.s: and if he went he would be hung for being a witch.

    p.s.s.s: therefore, this is simply a picture of one witch telling the other, “Yo, don’t go to Salem to get action…drink this poo, I swear to GOD man it’s the same thing!”

  8. Dippity Dughes

    Those gentlemen are hot!
    I want to suck their noses.

  9. yes but do you mind that both their eyes are on one side of their faces like Picassos…male Dora Maars? would you not mind sucking the noses then, off the Eyes of Dora Maar? bwahahaha…! dee doo dee doo dee dooo deee

  10. RejectedPierogie

    interesting to say the leastmost…

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