My New Look Part Deux

This is “Aaron”. “Aaron” needs to use a fake name because he is being chased by a pimp who he owes money to. “Aaron” wants to be a professional body builder/personal trainer. “Aaron” likes death metal and Ultimate Fighting Championships. “Aaron’s” favorite band of all-time is Ozzy Osbourne. “Aaron” is twice divorced and way in debt. “Aaron” lives at home with his parents and teaches English as a Second Language two weekends a month at the local YMCA. “Aaron” has had several brushes with the law, mostly for public urination. “Aaron” will be competing in the Buck’s Country Karaoke Contest this weekend at Chi Chi’s at the Quaker Bridge Mall. “Aaron” will be singing Send Her My Love by Journey. “Aaron” sings in a high tenor and is known to awkwardly and unconciously pump his crotch while he sings.


  1. If we tipped the camera would we see velcro shoes too?

  2. BTW, Aaron is like every guy that hits on me.

  3. No way. Aaron is competing in that karaoke concert too? Everyone knows Aaron does a mean “Achy Breaky Heart”. I’ll need to do a Dixie Chick song at the very least. Shit on a stick.

  4. “aaron” owns an interesting pair of sunglasses.

  5. I’m going to pretend I don’t see the Lacoste logo and keep alive the fantasy that Aaron is in fact wearing a Member’s Only jacket that smells vaguely of coffee, cigarettes, and diesel with just a hint of Stetson. Rrroowwrrr.

  6. Maggie Thatcher

    This is a rather good look for you. Love the shades! (May I have it?) DJ Toney Blare and I are having a shindig at the Thames this week-end. Will I look phat in those glasses?

  7. Bull shit. Aaaron is wearing a lacoste jacket. He is headed over to Grandma’s this afternoon to read her the obituary section in the Times (like she loves him to do) and then its off to his afternoon job. He waters house plants for those out of town. Aaron is a pussy.

  8. Fucking phenomenal,,

  9. ri-i-i-ght! Aaron DJs at east village radio and summers in the Hamptons [lacoste + gucci glasses + brooks brothers button downs] but still has time to teach ESL due to an excessive amount of noblesse oblige.

  10. no, it’s retro KGB chic! It is what’s very hot right now in Vladivostok.

  11. Where’s the goatee?!
    I love your new look – it screams “pedophile”.

  12. You know I was just thinking, if aaron traded the coat for a hooded sweatshirt, Ted Kazynski (unabomber) would have grounds for a mistrial.

  13. moustaches are creepy….in a good way.

  14. Lucy is right. The look says “I’ll touch your child, but you won’t be mad, you’ll be jealous.”

  15. ew Showie, is that what you do in your spare time?

  16. Dippity Dughes

    Listen. I am Aaron’s girlfriend. He has a huge cock. Mmmmmcome back to bed, Aaron!

  17. your scruff actually makes you look european. you should talk with a very fake accent and convince people it’s your actual way of speaking.

  18. is this your “Blue Steel?”

  19. “Aaron” needs some hair grease.

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