Final 10 Thoughts on American Idol

1) Clay’s hair.
2) Where’s Fantasia?
3) Elliot can sing.
4) The cowboy act is wierd.
5) Mcphee is a phony.
6) Prince is the closest thing we have to a God.
7) The basketball player girl was my favorite.
8) Paula’s not on drugs.
9) Meatloaf?


  1. I agree with number 6.

  2. I strongly agree with Clays hair as being a number one concern. I feel as if he was going for a mystic goth look. Oh but it was kinda adorable.

  3. 1) Clay gained weight, got hair plugs, and came out of the closet.

    2) And where was Rueben? (Kelly was busy being Kelly somewhere).

    3) If Elliot had braces as a kid he would have won.

    5) McPhee is a performing doll. Yuck.

    6) Prince moves like liquid.

    7) The bald hard rockin’ Chris was my favorite. ;-)

    ***And Tay had no clue what to do when the “low talker” lady…(man, what’s her name anyway?)grabbed his hands and forced him to caress her hips. tee hee hee. Good times.

  4. Clay’s hair was horrible, but it was sweet when he surprised the Clay impersonator. Elliot was my favorite, but I liked Taylor too… he’s a silver fox ;). Katharine tried too hard to be sexy. And Paris is cute.

  5. 9. “I would do anything for love….”

  6. Did I miss something? Where is #10?

  7. Omg Michael… those were exactly my thoughts on the finale. And i’m glad you represent for Taylor on the main page.. he was my favorite from the beginning. Him and Elliot. SO glad to see you’re coming out to the west coast this summer. I’ll be there, for sure, at the SF show. Hope all is well… sounds like your tour is a smash hit. Talk to you later.


  8.’re so right, Michael….where WAS Fantasia?- she outshined ALL of them, vocally, with the showmanship, etc…. I mean from what I know from reading about her in Ebony and Essence magazine, I know that she had a hard life growing up- being abused, growing up poor, being a teen mom- her story is the ultimate American dream…. she’s my favorite.

  9. #10 is there is no #10.

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