Tip Delivery People

These men and women work so hard to deliver food to our doors yet somehow it’s not common to tip more than a dollar or two per order. It’s customary to tip waiters and waitresses 20%. I think that the same should be true for delivery persons. They deserve it. Here’s a good little article on a lady who delivers pizzas.


  1. that was great story about everyday people can still be happy doing simple things of our everyday lives. super cute. ha

  2. so did you bother to tip extra???

  3. are you serious? I always overtip. They did drive/walk to me to give my lazyass some food. needless to say, I don’t usually do delivery unless I’m somewhere where I can’t leave for more than 6 hours at a time.

  4. I over-tipped last night, and it was wonderful. I’m hoping to over-tip more in the future.

  5. Hey Sho, did you cancel your myspace page?

  6. Thank you for creating a west coast tour!!!

  7. just to answer the question posed, server’s minimum wage is $2.83/hr (at least in pa, it varies by state, in de, i know it is lower, as i have waited tables in both states), which a lot of people aren’t aware of. however, that is not an excuse to tip delivery drivers less…or anybody for that matter. sharing kindness is one of the most important things anybody can do in this world, and a tip (especially an excessive tip) is a great way to show appreciation for that with which we are provided. as a server i strongly believe in overtipping (around 30%, sometimes more). if i am in a situation at an establishment where i regularly receive excellent service, and am familiar with the staff, but am only ordering a beer and cheese fries that totals up to $12, i would generally leave a $9-10 tip (that’s 75%). tipping is very important, in restaurants because it helps compensate for the lower wage that is paid to the employees, and everywhere else in the world because it’s really great to make people smile. (by no means do i have a lot of money, i actually have little money and an infant son. this just happens to be something i feel strongly enough about to set aside reservations about spending or money in general).

  8. People tip large appliance and furniture delivery people because they are doing heavy lifting. It seems like on television, they always show those people getting tips. And, flower delivery people watch TV too, hmmm…any thoughts.

  9. Yeah, but if I buy a $7 sandwich from Jimmy John’s, there’s already a $2 delivery fee tacked on top of that. If I give the delivery person another $2, that means I’ve spent ~60% of the food’s price just to get it to my door. I dunno, I’m a poor college kid and I do appreciate what these people do for me, but it is their job to do it and I assume that delivery fee goes to their wages. I think I’ll be more generous when I have the money.

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