Atlanta =

Atlanta = the BBQ we ate.

BBQ.jpg BBQ2.jpg

= Rainbows!

= goofy time after the show.



  1. Looks like fun. I am eagerly awaiting the announcement of the West Coast dates.

  2. You had to put a picture of ribs on your blog. Didn’t you? Thanks, now I must go take some Prevacid.

  3. Just wanted to tell you that all 3 of you cracked me up in Carrboro at Cat’s Cradle. I got a signed poster and everything. Already loved Show, but I’m glad I got to meet and experience Eugene and Leo.

  4. are you trying to make me drool all over my keyboard. ribs… soo…yummmmy!

  5. that pic of you and the boy’s is actually when you were in Carrboro

  6. I’m such a tool for backtracking the tour journals and an even bigger tool for not keeping myself from commenting on how delightfully succulent those ribs look. I deserve a sitcom named Pork and Mindy.

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