This Sunday’s Weddings & Celebrations

A sampling of Grooms. Find the connection.

1. Gregory Clifton Padgett completed his second year at Columbia Law School. He went to Harvard.
2. Dr. John Collier Kirkham went to Harvard, and graduated cum laude. He received his medical degree last week from Columbia.
3. Gregory Darren Shalette, 28, is to become an associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell. He received his law degree cum l aude from Harvard.
4. Michael Tu, University of Pennsylvania 28, is a research analyst at Xerion Capital Partners, a New York hedge fund.
5. Steven Rosenblum, 41, vp corporate advertising at JP Morgan. He went to Columbia University.
6. Michael Loftus, 26, completed fourth year of the dual degree program in medicine and business at Columbia University.
7. Charles Platt, 27, expects to receive a law degree from Harvard next month.
8. Ben Kornfeind, 30, works at Dunn Developers (affordable housing). He went to Columbia University.
9. Christian Ruff, 30, is a third year resident in internal medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard.
10. Geoffrey Doyle, 34, works in NY as a vice president for strategy at a hedge fund unit of Auda Advisor Associates, an investment management firm. He graduated from Harvard.
11. Victor Kong, 30, is an orthodontist. He graduated from Columbia University.
12. Andrew Brody, 40, is an advertising manager in Acton, Mass for Curtco Media. He graduated from University of Pennsylvania.
13. Michael Ellis, 26, is an PR account manager at a consultant firm and is going to Harvard Business in the fall.
14. Mark Ladov, 33, just received a law degree from University of Pennsylvania.
15. Larry Smith, 37, founder of Smith: Everyone Has A Story, an online magazine. He went to University of Pennlyvania.
16. Kenneth Baer, 33, runs Baer Communications, a speechwriting and communications firm. He went to University of Pennsylvania.
17. Ruben Gomez, 31, got his Master’s in Public Policy at Harvard; and a law degree from University of Pennsylvania.
18. Joseph Presto is the founder of Desktop Guerillas. He went to University of Pennsylvania.


  1. Hedge funds and very big deal universities! Do I win?

  2. uhm…rich schools and prenups!

  3. they’re all dudes?

  4. Exceedingly high estrogen levels? I was at the last stop on your east coast tour, and I am legally required to say I haven’t had my laugh gland activated like that since women started voting. It was a wonderful show, thank you for performing at a venue I could reach, everyone was spectacular.

  5. UoPenn, Columbia, Harvard, in addition to their respective careers they are involved in politics, either in writing or entertainment?

  6. Narcissistic? Solipsistic?

  7. whats the answer to this puzzle?

  8. I’d like to think you could say whatever the hell you wanted to the newspapers when posting announcements & such.
    Or maybe their alum newsletters were having some sort of contest…

  9. odd, considering that you went to Brown.

  10. all Ivy League schools

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