Blog Temporarily Screwed

My computer broke on route to Philly so my blogging capabilities have been greatly hampered. This much I can say…

1. North Hampton was a tremendous show. The Iron Horse was the name of the “joint.” It was a very very rainy day. They have stores in North Hampton where everything is made out of hemp.

2. Philly was a tremendous show. The Trocadero was the name of the “space.” It was a very pretty day. I lost my bag in the house and they had to make an announcement before the show. An audience member had my bag under her chair. I was so happy. Sometimes you’re happy because something really horrible, like losing your bag, doesn’t happen.


  1. That’s too bad about your computer, but at least you didn’t lose your bag!

  2. You’re so lucky to be able to travel the east this time of year. Its always gorgeous!!

  3. The Philly show was tremendous. I really enjoyed it, and then, because I’m a nerd, I wrote about it here.

  4. Ken was on Greys Last night!!!

  5. Ahh, NoHo was my old college stomping grounds and the horse was my favourite venus for shows. I would have loved to have seen you there, but alas, your tour just didn’t mesh well with my schedule.

    Also, while you were at the Troc did you fall from the rafters a la Eddie Vedder in the Evenflow video? That would have been hott (yes, with 2 t’s)

  6. Mechele, I agree, he is lucky to travel the east this time of year because it’s gorgeous. Even here in Ohio where nothing happens it is still beautiful. The green grass, pretty trees, and flowers. Spring time is amazing.

  7. You’re quite right, the Philly show WAS tremendous! I just feel a bit silly because your bag was about 4 feet away from where I was sitting and I definately did not connect the “missing green bag” announcement with the “unattended green bag” sitting beside me…oops.

  8. oh michael, i wish you woulda florida on the tour. it would have been nice to come here before hurricane season starts. soon michael…soon.

  9. For when you get back to new york and your computer is still not working but you’re checking this anyway.

  10. its “en” route. i think… im pretty sure. yeah i think im right.

    just so you know

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