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After New Haven we went and ate lunch in North Hampton, Mass. Here’s Leo looking contemplative.
After that we drove towards Burlington, Vermont. Here’s Zak as seen through the rear view mirror.
Along the way we came upon an accident on the highway.
Then we got to the venue in Burlington.
A couple of factoids about Vermont:
1) Montpelier is the capital of Vermont.
2) In French, Montpelier means “Mount Pelier.”
3) In French, Vermont means “Ver Mount.”
4) Or “Mount Ver.”
5) Vermont is the third smallest country in the world.
We walked around in town. Here we are on the University of Vermont campus.
We saw a house that looked like the fraternity from “Animal House.” I idolized John Belushi as a kid. I had a toga party in fifth grade. In fact, after college I overdosed on cocaine and heroin and died.
And a store with a funny name.
hehehe. hehehehe. Later that night the audience enjoyed the show by laughtering greatly.
The next day Vermont was still green and hilly.
The fellas got ahold of my camera and played a fib on me. Those guys! I’ll get them back!
Backstage at Lupo’s in Providence. (Red walls like a beating aorta valve from a heart!)
Leo warming up his vocals.
After the show we hit the streets! Here we are looking like a rock band. (Maybe U2? Third Eye Blind? Cypress Hill?)
This is a shot of Zak and Eugene from behind as they walk towards the we went to called Fez.
Fez was really cool. It was all red lights. Perfect for experimenting with your camera with.
Outside the bar.
A cop rolled up.
The hotel we all stayed in.
Tomorrow is North Hampton, Massachussetts.


  1. Aw, I miss Lupo’s and PVD! I’m sure the show was great. And Fez is a great restaurant. In fact, it is the restaurant my friends and I went to last year (my senior year at Brown) the night we ditched the Gala to go to see Stella perform at Lupo’s. True Story.

  2. Orange (you're sweet)

    Your show was great last night. Thank you for coming up and bringing Zak as an extra special treat.

  3. Red lights, red walls. Can you say whorehouse?

    I’m glad the tour is going so well so far!

  4. wow, you stayed at the biltmore? awesome. my parents got married there in 1959. did you feel some sort of aura?

  5. Can’t wait to see you at the Black Cat in DC! Glad to know the tour is going so well… love the blog… :)

  6. At night/in the dark you need to use a slower shutter speed. Your camera should have a night setting, maybe under scn. You can still be artsy and experimental with your shots,if that’s indeed what you’re “trying” to be.

  7. Hey Photographer, he is using a slow shutter speed considering the fact the camera is picking up any kind of image at all. (I bet it’s on an ‘automatic’ setting where it adjusts…automatically!)

    And it appears homeboy is just having fun with it rather than trying to take clear pictures, so he doesn’t need to do a thing. If anything, and I bet he doesn’t even need the suggestions, he’d want to use a tripod or set it on a stable surface in low-light settings if he were indeed looking to capture a clear image. Or put it on a manual setting where he can adjust the aperture/shutter speed himself, OR he could even use the flash.

    This response was more aimed at correcting/expanding on what ‘Photographer’ said rather than trying to insist that Michael needs help with his new camera. (Have fun with it, by the way.)

  8. That “Animal House” you speak of was in my hometown of Eugene, Oregon. It isn’t there anymore, but a ton of the other locations from the movie are. I’d love to help you check them out while you’re on your west coast tour.

  9. The house taken in that picture is actually my fraternities house. SigEp What a pleasant surprise to see it on your side. I am in the NYC now, but if you are ever back up there and want to see the insides of it, just let me know and i can arange it,

  10. It’s funny that y’all stayed at that hotel, ’cause I used to go to school in RI, and one night I came back on the Amtrak at like 11pm, and that was my landmark to the RIPTA stop. Such good memories of getting chased by crack dealers and narrowly escaping getting peed on on the bus.

  11. it actually causes me physical pain to learn that you performed at higher ground in my hometown of burlington, vt.

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