“Jonestown” Tribeca Film Festival

Saw “Jonestown” documentary today at the Tribeca Film Festival with old college buddies Phil and Matt. Movie is very good. Doesn’t shed any major new light on it but it definitely goes far more in depth than anything else I’ve seen. Starts in Indiana, moves to California, then ends in Jonestown. Some amazing footage of his sermons in San Francisco. His followers swaying, singing, you could feel the energy. Things descend rapidly. The entire Jonestown section was really disturbing. The filmmakers did some really good interviews with survivors of the tragedy. There’s a lot of speculation as to how Jim Jones died. At the end, of the movie they say he died of a gunshot wound but don’t say whether or not it was self-inflicted. Stayed for a Q&A. Most interesting thing at Q&A was filmmaker’s revelation that he’d lost many relatives in the massacre. Sad. (Fyi, ran into Judah Friedlander at the screening. He and I were sitting next to each other and raising our hands enthusiastically at the Q &A but didn’t get called on. After the Q&A we both went up to the filmmakers and asked our questions. Mine was, “How long did it take to make the film?” They said, “One year.” Judah’s was, “How much money does Jim Jones have stashed away?” Their answer was “Alot.”) Some photos attached: Judah on the escalator; the poster for the film, coincidence that it was being screened in theater #13?

judah Friedlander at Jim Jones Movie Poster


  1. Amanda Schmozenberg

    I really wanted to go and see this at the festival, but wasn’t able to. I’m glad that it was well done and very in depth. I look forward to seeing this soon.

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